Tempus Gourmet Garden

Cuisine: Wild Western Burgers meets Far East flavours

Location: Bethnal Green, East London

IMG_1058 (1).jpg


Those of you that follow me on instagram have probably seen a few of my posts about Tempus and how much I’ve really taken up a liking to the place. I always go on about how I don’t really like burgers but honestly, I think they may have changed my mind!

After closing down for a bit and completely re-vamping their look, Tempus are back and are looking much better.

The first thing that really struck out to me about the restaurant was the decor- it was insane. I always tell restaurateurs about the importance of creating a unique ambience, something people can remember about the atmosphere – not just the food. Going out to eat is supposed to be an experience and Tempus clearly learnt from their past experiences as they’re new layout is so captivating that I’m pretty sure I took more photos of the surroundings than I usually do at restaurants. They had a beautiful Wild-West themed mural (see featured image) that I felt you could really engage with while you wait for your food.

Aside from the atmosphere, which was all-round pretty chill, this visit made me realise the importance of visiting small locally owned businesses. With the rise of chain restaurants and delivery apps a lot of people have probably never been to restaurants on their road but would gladly have wagas 3 times a week. In the spirit of a new month, I encourage you all to try out somewhere local this May; it may surprise you.

Though the location was a bit of a push for me as I rarely have a reason to go by East London, I am so glad I went. Now, I will probably have to find a way to make my way to East London more often so I have an excuse to eat my body weight in burgers 🙂

My Meal


  • Buffalo Wings – They would probably have been great on their own but in comparison to the Barbecue… Well, they just don’t compare.
  • Barbecue Wings – This was the standout starter, it was so good! The wings were throughly cooked and the barbecue dressing was on point.
  • Lamb Ribs – They were so tender!!
  • Salad



  • Smokey Bandit Burger – I really appreciate how the managed to make Halal burgers so moist and making them well-done without drying out the patty.
  • Juicy Lucy – This burger had a cheese filled patty, so naturally I had no complaints.
  • Steak with side of Bengal Rice and Salad- Was so filled after the burgers so I couldn’t even manage to eat all the steak, however, considering how difficult it is to make a well-done steak moist, they did a pretty good job.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


  • Con Carne Cheesy fries and Regular Cheesy fries – SO good. Real potatoes! With the whole trend of using frozen potatoes for fries, it was hard not to notice that Tempus actually use real/fresh potatoes – they always taste so much better.


  • Their dessert menu has not been completed yet, however, the manager whipped up some milkshakes for us and they were amazing. I was so full but I made sure to take the rest of it home with me.



  • Blueberry Mojito: I had a blueberry mojito in Lagos a few months ago and I loved it so much, haven’t been able to compare it to anything until I tried the one at Tempus.
  • Tempus Sunset: Very refreshing and fruity option
  • The Hulk: The only way I can describe how much I like this drink is by using a Hulk analogy… You know how the Hulk (superhero) seems really scary and unwelcoming but he’s actually the most lovely person? Yes? Well, this drink is a bit like that, it’s name doesn’t exactly point you in any direction (unless you’re the type of person that reads into the metaphorical implications of everything).. But it is honestly one of the best things I have ever had. If you get anything from Tempus, this should be it.



Note: I don’t always talk about the drinks, unless they’re amazing or disastrous. The mocktails at Tempus are amazing, I think that the drinks alone are a good enough reason to visit.

The restaurant are currently setting up their Shisha Garden which should be up and running in a few months, it’ll have a Far Eastern theme which I think would be a nice contract to the current Wild Western one they’ve got in the main restaurant. Lovely choice for casual meals or private dinner parties.

Lastly, it would probably be unfair not to mention the really trending music they play throughout your meal (not the annoying restaurant music you sometimes get)…


Great music even better food and huge portions, I’ll give you my highlights but it’s up to you to be the judge!

My personal verdict:


Food: 4/5

Drinks: 5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Average: 4.3/5


P.s They’re meals give you great value for your money (You can get an entire meal for under £15)




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