Sake No Hana

Cuisine: Japanese 

Location: St James’s Street Mayfair 

So excited to finally be getting through my food challenge,  even though I still have many more places to try out! Sake No Hana was so good; I might even go back very soon. It is a restaurant by Hakkasan so I obviously went in with very high expectations and I was not disappointed. I went there for dinner with friends and had so much to eat that I could barely finish my dessert.

What I had

  • Wagyu Beef Maki– this was the best wagyu sushi I have ever tried
  • Vegetarian Sushi – We didn’t realise this was vegetarian when we got it but it turned out to be pretty decent
  • Salmon Sashimi – Fresh and simple, always a good starter option as its not overwhelming
  • Teriyaki Tofu V – I love tofu so I can be slightly picky and overly pedantic at times but I had no complaints with this dish (despite the mushrooms- I hate mushrooms)
  • Spicy Tarabagani Hobayaki – I was really looking forward to this dish before it came, and though I enjoyed it – I thought the sauce on the crab was too salty.
  • Truffle and Kinoko Kamameshi – Another fantastic dish, the truffle rice was divine. Perfectly cooked and seasoned, had absolutely no complaints – it was my favourite aspect of the entire meal.
  • Miyazaki Passion Mocktail – If you follow me on Instagram (@WhenInTheCity) I’m sure you got to see my disspointment when I realized that I had mistakenly ordered a chilli drink… Anyway, I battled through but definitely wouldn’t order it again.
  • Ice-cream Mochi – I love mochi! SNH had an amazing range of flavours, their dessert menu, albeit short, is amazing.
  • Matcha and Mango Sorbet – My two favourite things put together in one dessert, need I say more?

I can see Sake No Hana becoming a London regular for me and would definitely recommend it to other people.


Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Average- 4.3/5

Food Challenge Progress 20%

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