Oka Robata

Cuisine: Japanese

Location: Carnaby Street 

Finally got a start on my food challenge and I was so excited. My mum and I stopped by OKA Robata for lunch as we were near Carnaby Street and thought we’d be spontaneous…(By the way- Carnaby Street is amazing, I’m going to do a series about it soon)…

There are a few Oka restaurants in London,  we went to the Oka – Robata and Sushi though they also have pan-asian restaurants. Initially I was very excited to go as I hadn’t had sushi all week and couldn’t wait to get started with the food challenge.

Anyway, Oka was a bit of a disappointment, I thought the sushi was very basic but the salmon tataki was definitely better. My mum only had a bit of the sushi as she found it very bland and I agree (even though I ate about 4 pieces). The tataki was decent but I’ve definitely had better. On the plus side, the seaweed salad was very good, it had a really nice texture and a touch of lime that made for a new, more interesting flavour.

Apart from the average food, I actually really enjoyed the  ambience and the service. Kingsley court is a really cool/edgy building in Carnaby street, it has a particularly urban feel to it and I generally like places like that.

Additionally, you run into some pretty cool people- which is always a plus…


Food: 2.5/5

Service: 3.8/5

Ambience: 3.8/5

Average- 3.4 

Food Challenge Progress: 10%

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