The “coloured” debate

The first time I came across the notion of referring to black people as “coloured” was when a friend of mine referred to me as “coloured” to qualify why I didn’t burn in the sun as easily as she did… Year 9 me, was very outspoken so it didn’t take much time for me to speak up and demand that she never referred to me or any other black person as “coloured” again…

I didn’t come across the term again, until I became more aware of what it meant to be a Black African Female in our society today. I found that a lot of black people, particularly in the US referred to themselves as people of colour. This was something that didn’t, and still doesn’t sit well with me. Why would we optionally chose to refer to ourselves as coloured when to me skin like mine isn’t coloured it’s just mine, naturally and beautifully African. The most normal thing to me is me so why would I refer to myself as coloured?

Do white people have no colour?

Why am I coloured?

Why are white people just white?

Why are black people called black and white people called white when none of us are really black or white?

These were questions that I had to battle with for sometime, they brought about a debate that I will explore in much more detail at a later date.

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6 thoughts on “The “coloured” debate

  1. Oh I’ve asked these very questions so many times, got no satisfactory answers as yet.


  2. That word ‘colour’ just upsets me when its used to describe people’s skin tones. If Black people are “coloured”, I wonder why white people aren’t, considering black and white are both colours.


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