Inner Child 

“Many of our worlds problems today … are a result of the fact that children have had their childhood stolen from them”
Michael Jackson 
I’ve always had a weird obsession with Michael Jackson – like I literally adore him regardless of how many controversial issues he’s had surrounding his name. Don’t want to sound cliché but I truly think that I see beyond the physical and media related characteristics attributed to him and I see the person he was. Yeah, I know I didn’t know him but after watching his interview with Oprah, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I kinda think I’m on a first name/nickname basis with the late MJ.
Now back to the quote- I was scrolling down my Facebook timeline (yes I still use Facebook, don’t judge me) and I came across a video of MJ speaking and honestly I was in tears by the end. I 100% agree with his statement because it’s something that I, myself have thought about for a while. With the ever growing number of terrorist attacks, the anti-refugee and anti-Islamic sentiment and all the shady disgraceful things clouding a shadow over a huge proportion of the world, I find myself in deep thought about where it could have all gone wrong (more often than I would like, considering the fact that I have my A-level exams in a few months).
Like every other aspect of life- to understand the present we must first look back at the past. By looking at the past I don’t just mean acknowledging past events – I mean truly understanding what happened, why it happened and coming to an informed conclusion on whether we believe we can stop it from ever repeating itself. As a species we have A LOT of skeletons in our closets and these are stuff that we can no longer hide – we have to come to terms with our past if we ever want to guarantee a planet for future generations.
Biologically, organisms want to be better adapted so they succeed more within their environment and survive to pass on their genes- ensuring that a part of them and their ancestors remains within the gene pool for as long as possible. Seems to me like our primary objective as animals has shifted from that. Now, instead of wanting to pass on alleles to future generations we want to instead dominate the world today by all means necessary. Don’t get me wrong, I admire our ambition as a species but one could argue that we (collectively) are pretty twisted.- I mean who starts a war to enforce peace? Or bombs up civilians to destroy militants?
I got side tracked again – THE QUOTE

1. I agree

2. Let your inner child shine at all times – I honestly think that the one thing that could make a difference in this messed up world of ours is a little humility (this is one thing that children have an endless amount of + if you have children / siblings PLEASE nurture this humility and encourage them to keep a hold of it forever

3. It’s never too late to realise that you’ve been living life wrongly – be happy/ be childish don’t let anyone take that innocence away because it’s not a sign or naïvety but one of strength and bravery

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