My initial inspiration for this blog was a conversation I had with my porter and how it left me thinking for the entire day. However, since getting involved with the whole blogging scene I have been further inspired to share more of my thoughts and interests on a more public platform.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am extremely adventurous with my food but can simultaneously be very picky (a walking paradox, I know). Despite loving new food, if I had to pick a favourite meal it would almost certainly be sushi. Luckily the choice of Japanese restaurants in London is almost overwhelming. I try to balance out how often I eat out and how often I eat particular cuisines but I probably pop by a sushi place at least once a week. Since starting this blog, I’ve been trying to mix my interests up a bit, considering the wide range of choices available.

As a student in a London University, the next 3 years will be one of the most interesting opportunities for me to indulge in all cultures and cuisines – this blog is where I will be sharing those experiences.

I will be bringing along all interested parties on my journey through the worlds culture (most specifically – the food). I intend to create a food guide for  London and showcase notable restaurants and cultural sites in the different cities I visit.

Finally, as an incredibly competitive individual I decided to make this a little bit more interesting by critically reviewing these restaurants and though my first few posts have not been as insightful and descriptive as I would like, this is going to change very soon.

Your role in this will be to comment and share the posts you love with a greater audience, and most importantly, to enjoy the ride.


Thank you in advance for being a part of this journey… it should be a good ride x


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